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With a new logo, designed to reflect its wider aspirations, Future TV has chosen to add to their customary blue globe, a stylized arrow symbolizing their new way forward. One of the major changes is the combination of both Future TV and Future News into one channel and a consequent reshuffling of all its major programs, including several new additions. All this, comes in an effort to reenergize the channel and open its doors to new viewers.

The program will be hosted by the energetic and charismatic Razen who will be rejoining the channel after 20 years. About Shiite Hezbollah militants wearing matching camouflage uniforms and carrying assault rifles marched down Hamra Street, a normally vibrant commercial strip in a mainly Sunni area of Beirut. They took up positions in corners and sidewalks and stopped the few cars braving the empty streets to search their trunks.

On nearby streets, dozens of fighters from another Hezbollah-allied party appeared, some wearing masks and carrying rocket-propelled grenade launchers.


The Hezbollah takeover was peaceful in some neighborhoods as the militants fanned out across the Muslim sector of the city. Later in the day, Lebanese troops began taking up positions in some Sunni neighborhoods abandoned by the pro-government groups, but did not intervene in the clashes, which had largely tapered off into sporadic gunfire by early afternoon. Some of the gunfire was celebratory in the air by the militants.

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The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. The building, in the western neighborhood of Rawche, is about yards from the Saudi embassy.

With top leaders Hariri of the Sunnis and Druse leader Walid Jumblatt besieged in their residences in Muslim western Beirut, officials of the pro-government majority held an emergency meeting in a mountain town in the Christian heartland northeast of Beirut. After the meeting, they issued a statement calling on the army to take control of the streets and urging Arab and international intervention to pressure the countries that support Hezbollah — meaning Iran and Syria. He said the Hezbollah takeover violated the constitution which governs Christian-Muslim coexistence in Lebanon.

Late Friday, a group of gunmen fired about a dozen bullets at a statue of Rafik Hariri next to the seafront road where he was killed in a massive truck bombing. The statue was raised in February on the anniversary of the assassination. An emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo to discuss the crisis will be held in two days, said Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki.

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His resignation appears to have caused cracks within the family and the Future Movement he heads, as rumours circulate about possible replacements. Despite his wealth and sudden political fame, he has stayed humble, and comes across as affable and warm. At lunches with journalists, he is relaxed, but guarded, often receiving his own separate healthy menu of grilled chicken and vegetables, before lighting a long cigar over coffee and dessert.

On social media, he often posts smiling selfies with journalists and politicians. He ran in the annual Beirut Marathon and supported civil marriage, a popular cause stiffly rejected by conservative clergymen in Lebanon. Yacoubian, who has interviewed him five times, said it was the only other time besides Sunday that she detected he was tense.

For years, Hariri lived in self-imposed exile between Saudi Arabia and France, before he returned in to form a new unity government. His rhetoric against Iran and Hezbollah was not much different from his defiant words in the Nov.

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In December , another tacit agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran made Hariri prime minister again in a coalition government that included Hezbollah. It was yet another uneasy partnership that seemed to teeter on the edge of collapse, particularly as Hezbollah became more assertive in the region. Still, in the days before he resigned, Hariri was enthusiastic about economic progress, tweeting and posting about parliamentary elections expected in the spring, and stressing the need for national unity above all else.

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